HERTA Showcase born in 1991.

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Showcase, born in 1991 but even then had grown for years in the mind of Stephen.
Let’s say that creation was preceded by years of mental gestation. Finally it took shape, assembling different materials with unusual and harmonious shapes. Crystal Steel, waxed Mahogany. Taking her life, Herta immediately experienced enormous recognition and amazement from admirers. He won a prize for the participation of Young Design 1991 (special mention).
It has been so appreciated to be sold in all parts of the world, its audience is varied and touches any type of user. Even today and even stronger than the first years, it manages to maintain and win new slices of markets. Even today in production with the same techniques as when it was born. We strongly do not want to progress in using automatic machine tools to improve production time, instead we invest a lot in the training of young artisans with the ability and creativity and dexterity that is the gift given to each Herta creation.
If you purchase Herta, you are buying a piece made exclusively by hand and a piece without fashions, timeless yet indefinable, practically unique !!

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